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Strategy, Trends, Sourcing, Selection, Valuation, Insights, Distribution/Sales,  Acquisitions Strategies &  Negotiations.




Revenue Planning, Trends & Market Analysis, Launch/Market Entry Strategies, Partnerships, Distribution, and Positioning.

Domestic (US) and International.

Streaming and Traditional Media.

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Jessica Rodriguez is a strategy advisor with over 20 years of experience in traditional and digital media. She has launched or been a crucial part of launching, a total of 9 ventures in international markets. Jessica focuses on content, startups, business development, revenue generation, and global growth. 


She started her career at Discovery Channel working in international development where she helped launch several channels in Canada, Latin America, and Asia.  As a General Manager, Jessica also developed and managed international media ventures for Travel Channel, National Geographic, USA Networks/NBCU, and BBC Worldwide.


Most recently, she was Vice President of Content Acquisitions for Netflix Latin America and for their Global TV division where she handled content strategy, selection, and negotiations with major, mid-size, and local content providers.  In addition, throughout her career, Jessica has advised capital investment, production, and media companies.   


Jessica is the founder of Riehl Insights LLC, a consulting/advising practice focused on content and business development in the streaming segment.  Her international and domestic experience in a wide array of functional areas in media including sales/revenue generation/distribution, content, negotiations, operations, branding, marketing, and management gives her unique insights into how to help her clients.

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 I am a strategy advisor who loves media and business, and how the two intersect.  My career started in business development and planning.  One day, I was asked to launch my own business plan (a Pay TV network). This was a humbling experience because I realized that even the best plan could not foresee or anticipate all of the challenges one faces in its implementation.


Because my motto is to roll up my sleeves and get things done, I have had in-depth exposure to a broad range of areas in media.  I thrive on doing what is necessary to get answers and find the best path forward for my clients. 


Having lived in other countries and managed content businesses across different cultures, I have a broad perspective on how people consume content and what will appeal to different cultures. Domestically and internationally, I have done sales/distribution, marketing, branding, operations, forecasting, launch and growth strategies, content, and management.  


Yet, my north star and deepest passion is content.  I believe that content can draw interest, incite emotions, educate, and entertain. It is the connection with the end consumer in the entertainment industry, the viewer, and it is ultimately the reason why a viewer comes to your entertainment business. Understanding viewers, their behavior, and their choices are crucial to success.  As such, my passion for connecting with audiences drives me to look deeper at understanding what moves them and identify the best content to serve them. This allows me to anticipate whether the content is going to appeal to its intended and extended audiences and make the best decisions or give the best advice regarding content to my clients.  While sales/distribution, marketing, branding, operations, forecasting, and growth strategies are all critical pieces of the puzzle, I believe that these aspects need to revolve around content and that the intersection between all of these parts needs to make business sense. 


These days, and under my consulting/advising practice, Riehl Insights LLC, I offer services that mirror my passion and past work. I help clients who are seeking to understand the digital content segment and want to launch, improve, and/or grow their content ventures.  I am located in hot, humid, sunny (and often rainy) Miami, FL. When I am not busy interacting with viewers to understand their habits and choices, you can find me visiting my son, niece and nephew at college or riding bikes with my husband. 

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